We started making games in 2012 for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Our first ever game was The BatCave, and reached 200,000 downloads before being removed from the Play Store. Since then, we have developed a range of games, from simple one-tap mobile games, to full on platform games with storylines, and puzzle games. We used to use Gamesalad as our game engine, but switched over to Unity in our later years, and have generated hundreds of thousands of downloads across multiple platforms.

The goal with a lot of our games was to be as funny and entertaining as possible, however there are some exceptions to the theme and quality objectives. We regard "Ye Olde Meme Game" as our proudest game accomplishment to date. However, we are also particularly happy to show off our other titles such as "Text Based Jimmy", "Toad Line", "Vaporwave Simulator", "Pie Die Pewdie", and "Maneuveration". 

As of late, we have developed fewer games than we used to, and instead have been focussing on apps. We released a dating app we've been working on for a while (July 2019) called Jecto. We have also developed some other apps, which can be found in the "Other projects" section of the home page. We would love it if you checked them out and provided us with feedback!